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SubmitURL to Yahoo Search Engine
  1. SubmitURL to Bing Search Engine - Yahoo Search results come from Bing's Search Index and Yahoo's Web Crawler (Slurp), To submit to Bing Search Engine, click here.
  2. Submit a Sitemap to Yahoo SLURP Search Crawler using Robots.txt directive. Write the following in your robots.txt file.

  3. Using METATAGS for the Yahoo SLURP Crawler. Yahoo Slurp Robot is an upgrade of the Inktomi's Slurp Crawler.
  4. Yahoo Search Engine Guideline: Raise your rank in Yahoo Search.
  5. Slurp Web Crawler: Learn more about Slurp Crawler. You can also contact Yahoo support by emailing them at
Yahoo SLURP Crawler
is the Yahoo Search Robot that crawl and index web page information. It collects content from partner sites for inclusion within sites like Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Sports. It also accesses pages across the Web to confirm accuracy and improve Yahoo's personalized contents for users. You can manage how your site appears in Yahoo Search by using Meta Tags and Robots.txt.

How to prevent your page of being indexed by Yahoo Slurp:
  1. Using Reference in Robots.txt
    Slurp obeys Robots Exclusion Standard.
    For example, if you want to exclude file in cgi-bin folder to be crawled by Slurp, you can write:

    User-agent: Slurp
    Disallow: /cgi-bin/
  2. Using Meta Tag or HTTP Header
    Use NOINDEX Tag and do not block crawling of the page in robots.txt.
    You can apply noindex in the meta tag:

              <meta name="robots" content="no index">
              <meta name="Slurp" content="no index">

    You can apply noindex in an HTTP header:

              X-Robots-Tag: noindex
  3. Guides on how to use Meta Tags and Robots.txt in Yahoo Slurp.

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